Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for: The Piano

The Piano (2003)

Director: Jane Campion
Writer: Jane Campion
Producer: Jan Chapman
Stars: Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neill, Anna Paquin

Passion is the most basic and primal human emotion and The Piano captures this in all its ecstasy and unpleasantness. When Ada, a mute woman with an illegitimate daughter, arrives in New Zealand in the mid-1800s, she brings with her a piano. The man she has been sold to, Stewart, refuses to bring the piano up to the house, telling her it is too bulky.

When he then sells it to a fellow-Englishman, Baines, the indignity is almost more than Ada can bear. As part of the deal, Baines, who has embraced the Maori way of life, asks Ada to teach him to play the instrument. When he offers her a way to get the instrument back, Ada is unprepared for the price she’ll have to pay.

Rich with symbolism, and featuring Anna Paquin’s breakthrough, Oscar winning performace as the mischievous daughter, this film deservedly won the Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix. Featuring glorious cinematography and a muted colour pallet that highlights the desolation of the coast, this is a film that will not easily be forgotten.


  1. Looks like a great watch, thanks for sharing and warm greetings!

  2. I saw that movie a few years ago, and wasn't particularly keen on it. It seemed a very strange story to me, and the ending didn't work for me. (No spoilers, though -- I wouldn't want to ruin it for others, and responses to movies are always subjective.)

  3. Great movie. I have a fondness for movies with pianos or about pianos. It is my favorite instrument and I love to play and listen to others play. I also like the story and the setting. Such a bizarre place for piano! The piano is in an unusual environmnet, as is the woman. The piano is a metaphor for her and her situation. And as you mentioned, beautiful cinematography. An excellent film.

  4. Hey, a movie that I've actually seen! I enjoyed this film a lot, and the soundtrack is one that I listen to when I'm trying to get some serious writing done.

  5. I thought Holly Hunter was incredible. She conveyed so much without ever saying a word!

  6. It sounds interesting. I think I've heard of it, although I haven't seen it. It looks like I'm the only one!

  7. Finally! It took till the letter P, but I've seen a movie here. Of course, I'm a horrible test case, I don't see many movies, but that was probably obvious already.

  8. Fantastic film. Actually one of my favorites. Simply beautiful.

  9. My friends argue about this film a lot, disagreeing on whether the husband's actions are acceptable or not. We all agree it's a lovely film.

  10. I remember seeing this years ago and was very impressed with the story line, acting, etc.

    thanks for visiting and blitzing me!