Friday, April 8, 2016

G is for: Goodbye Pork Pie

Goodbye Pork Pie (1981)
Director: Geoff Murphy
Writer: Ian Mune, Geoff Murphy
Producer: Geoff Murphy, Nigel Hutchinson
Stars: Tony Barry, Kelly Johnson, Claire Oberman, Bruno Lawrence

From one end of the country to the other nothing could stop the men, the mini, the madness.

When a middle-aged man whose wife has just left him and an unemployed teenager hit the road in a yellow mini with the cops hot on their tail, madness and a cross-country journey ensue. The difference in the pairs’ ages creates an unusual dynamic.

The scenery is glorious, showcasing many of the different landscapes New Zealand has to offer. The people the pair meet up with on the way are interesting, friendly, likable and often hilariously kooky. What they all have in common is the desire to stick it to the man and help out the guys on the lam.

Geoff Murphy’s film has attained well-deserved classic status for its humour, energy and realistic portrayal of the country and the spirit of its people.

Goodbye Pork Pie is getting the remake treatment this year, with the reboot being directed by Matt Murphy, Geoff's son.


  1. Why are the cops hot on their tail?

    I guess I'll just have to watch to find out...

  2. This sounds interesting, especially the scenery of New Zealand! I'd love to visit there!

  3. Amazing how often this plot can be original, eh? Gives us all hope!

    Kinda cool that the original producer's son is directing the remake.

  4. Yeah, but what about pork pie hats? Aren't they great?

  5. I like the sound of this one. Although I don't know what pork pie is supposed to mean.

  6. If people are willing to help out the folks on the run, I'm hoping whatever offense they committed wasn't so bad.

  7. This sounds interesting and I'd love to see it.

    As 'porky pie' is slang for a lie, does that have anything to do with it?

  8. Goes to show how diverse the New Zealand film industry is. It seems you get pretty much the same range of movies as you do with Hollywood, only with the gorgeous New Zealand landscapes to go with them. :)