Sunday, August 7, 2022

Weekly goals 8-8-22

 It's going to be a crazy week this week.  I finish my job on Wednesday which is a very strange feeling.  I've been there almost eight years which is about the longest I've ever been in a single job.  So I'm sad to be leaving all my wonderful colleagues, but looking forward to doing something else and meeting new people too.

Film festival is going well.  I saw a bizarre French film on Friday about a couple buying a new house with a rather unusual feature.  It was good, but I feel like it needed to be a little longer (I know, I never say that) to fully explore the various themes the surreal storyline alluded to.

The rest of the weekend was all New Zealand films.  I saw a documentary about an artist I knew very little about and another documentary about a man who understands cows in a very deep way.  Both were good and took very unexpected turns.  I also saw a beautiful film about a small-town boxer and his relationship with the openly gay town outcast.  And finally, I saw an anthology film made in partnership with Australia to explore the impact of colonization on the Pacific region.  Like most anthology films, some parts worked better than others and the way the films intertwined with one another sometimes world and sometimes didn't.  

All in all, I good weekend of viewing.  More to come.

So this week's goals are to wrap things up at work and to enjoy the last week of Festival. What are your goals?


  1. Wow, wrapping up a job. That's a big life change!
    Glad you had excellent viewing entertainment.
    “Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.”
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    My IWSG blog post discussed my love of originality. I'm looking forward to the bout of books readathon and WEP's flash fiction later this month.
    Life threw me a curveball with a neighborhood crisis this week, but we got through it.
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  2. Wow, just a few days left. Hope it all goes smoothly.