Sunday, August 14, 2022

Weekly Goals 15-8-22

 I start my new job today, so this week's goals have to be about getting settled in there and figuring out how my life will fit around the new role.  And adjusting to life post-film festival which is always a wrench.  

I had a fantastic final weekend of the fest.  I saw a wonderful Australian crime film that had me completely baffled as to what was going on for the first hour or so.  I had just started wondering if I was exceptionally stupid when it all clicked into place and became terrifically exciting until the end.  Then I saw my personal highlight of this year's festival, one of those truth-is-stranger-than-fiction documentaries about a guy in Scotland who went back to his old school as a 32-year-old to give it another shot.  Posing as 16, he had an elaborate story about his past to explain why he didn't look like the other 16-year-olds and it must have worked because even the teachers who had been at the school when he was there 15 years earlier didn't recognize him.  Wonderful!  

I saw another doco, this one about Eadeweard Muybridge, the photographer who basically pioneered moving image photography.  I knew about that part of his career, but there was an awful lot of other stuff I wasn't aware of and he was a truly fascinating man.  Another festival highlight was a new film from Ana Lily Anampour about a young woman with a strange psychic ability who escapes a mental hospital and heads into New Orleans.  Excellent.  And the final day I saw the delightful Marcel the Shell with Shoes On which is sweet and funny and just wonderful.  And I finished the festival with a bonkers French film from Quentin Dupieux about a team of avengers sent on a retreat by their boss after their last mission didn't conclude as tidily as he wanted.  A lot of scary stories are told around campfires, each weirder and creepier than the last.  Including one told by barracuda as it is being cooked...told you it was weird.

And that's it from me.  What are your goals this week?


  1. Good luck with your new job. I'm hoping to have more time to work on editing some chapters because I have a light work week.

  2. All those movies sounds so interesting! I hope I get to watch them someday.