Sunday, November 22, 2020

Weekly Goals 23-11-20

 It's the final week of NaNo so my goals are much the same as they have been through November: keep writing.

I hit 44K yesterday afternoon, so I'm on track to finish NaNo this week.  I will probably even go over the 50K mark before the end of November, although I'm not sure I'll reach the end of the book.  I won't be far off though.

I have purposefully kept most chapters a few hundred words shorter than I would usually write them so I have room to add stuff while I'm editing later.  And there is going to be a lot of editing.  I've realized a lot of things about my characters as I write that I didn't write in earlier, so I will have to go back and make sure those things are clear.

So this week's goal is to get to that 50K and if possible finish the book.  I'd like to be able to leave it for a few weeks over the summer break so I can come back to it with fresh eyes in the new year.

What are your goals this week?

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  1. Nice! Just one more week! You don't even need a thousand words a day to get there. That's one more NaNo down for you.