Friday, November 13, 2020

Celebrate the Small Things 13-11-20


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What am I celebrating this week?

I've had another pretty good writing week and am now just over 26K into #CatholicSchoolLesbians.  Hoping to crack 30K before the end of the weekend.

It's all pretty terrible writing, I think, but I'll take care of that later.  Right now it's all about getting the story and the characters down on the page.  I'll pretty it all up and force it to make sense later.

And that's about it for celebrating this week.  There hasn't been a lot of time for anything other than work and writing...

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. Great job! You're ahead of schedule! Knock on wood, because I don't want to jinx you.

  2. You’re halfway there before getting halfway there, so that’s pretty good.

    I’ve been daydreaming edits for my current project. Will tackle them in the coming week (or tomorrow, depending on how it plays out).