Sunday, November 15, 2020

Weekly Goals 16-11-20

 We're past the middle of November already, if you can believe it.  

This week's goals are very similar to last week's: to keep writing my NaNo book.  I finished the weekend with just over 31K and my goal for this week is to add at least another 10K.  Which should be achievable.

A lot of it isn't great, but I feel like I'm much more in the story and in my characters' heads now.  The writing has been really easy the last couple of days which is always a great feeling.  Hopefully this will continue as I get into the really messy part of the book.  The truly Shakespearian stuff.

And that's about it for goals this week.  Keep it simple, right?


  1. Where is November going? It is flying by. My birthday this Wednesday better be nice and slow and relaxed.

    Good luck with your writing this week.

  2. Nice! It sounds like it's really working for you. Keep up the good work :)