Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekly Goals 26-10-15

My goals are fairly straightforward this week.  I finished (or think I may have finished) a first draft of my revised last third of STUMPED.  Once I get feedback from my CP, I will polish that baby up and get it off to my agent.  Assuming, of course, my CP doesn't thnk it's a steaming pile of dogshit and I need to go back to square one and rewrite...  if that's the case, well, there may be some tears, hair-pulling and large quantities of wine.  Then once the tantrum is over, back to the drawing board.

Assuming things are all good in Ozzy's world, I am ready to dive back into The Sidewalk's Regrets to revise that again.  I spent the last two afternoons listening to the playlists I made for the novel, and I feel ready to get back into Sacha and Dylan's world.  I think I've even thought of a better ending too.  And by that I mean better than both the inconclusive original ending, and the sort of HEA ending that's on it now.  I think the new ending will be bittersweet, but hopefully will feel like the right place to leave this story.

I've had a very relaxing long weekend, and feel better than I have in a while about everything - getting some sleep does wonderful things.  Work is going to be busy, of course, with the short week, but I'm feeling much less overwhelmed and anxious about everything than I was two weeks ago.  So that has to be a good thing, right?

What are your goals this week?


  1. Hooray for finishing that first draft! Here's hoping you don't have to resort to the tear, hair pulling, and large quantities of wine.

    Feeling less anxious and overwhelmed is always a good thing.

    Best of luck with your revisions!

  2. Congrats for finishing one and for planning another. A bittersweet ending that feels right sounds amazing. Keep up the good work :)