Sunday, May 16, 2021

Weekly Goals 17-5-21

 I still have a few chapters left to go on the beta-read I'm doing, so my goal for this week is to get that finished and sent off.  Then I will get back into Juliet & Juliet, regardless of whether I feel like doing it or not.

I have a sense it's going to be a busy week at work too, so I'm preparing myself for that.

I rewrote my query for Standing too Close, so once I've finished my beta-read, I want to send off a handful of these new queries to see if I get any bites on this one.  I'm beginning to feel like maybe this story isn't the right one for the current point in time.  And that's disappointing because I know it's among the best things I've written.

What are your goals this week?


  1. It's release week for me, so my goals are to keep up with all of that.

  2. That's really a bummer about Standing Too Close. It's such a great story. Timing is so important and it just sucks when you're out of sync with what the market wants. How unfair!