Sunday, May 9, 2021

Weekly Goals 10-5-21

 It's my birthday week, so I'm sort of celebrating.  I don't actually have any plans for my birthday (yet), but it's not until Saturday, so I have time.  

This week's goal is to try and finish a beta-read I'm doing for a friend.  I'm hoping once I've done that, I might be inspired enough to get back into Juliet and Juliet (which is not actually going to be called that in the end - it wouldn't make sense since only one of the MCs is called Juliet).

I had a call with an editor over the weekend and she gave me some helpful notes on my query package for Standing too Close so I plan to take another bash at the query and send out a few more to see if a new query might make a difference.  I've never queried a book so unsuccessfully before and it's frustrating, because I know this book is among the best I've written.

And finally my goal is to go to the gym more this week.  I was particularly slack last week because other stuff kept coming up and keeping me from going.  This week I need to find the time regardless.

What are your goals this week?

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  1. Ah, queries!!! You have to put so much work into making just a few paragraphs perfect. Hopefully the editor's notes will do the trick.

    Happy almost birthday!