Thursday, September 22, 2022

Celebrate the Small Things 23-9-22


It's the end of the week, so it's time to Celebrate the Small things...

What am I celebrating this week?

I think I just finished a book.  I know, I haven't been talking about it, but I have been quietly working away on the draft of my lesbian Catholic school book over the last few months, and today I think I finished it.  I hope I finished it.  It feels like maybe I finished it.  

So now I need some people to read it and tell me if it feels finished.  Let me know if you would like to.  It's pretty dark and probably not going to rock the world of anyone who is a devout Catholic, so consider that a warning.  

It's so weird to have done this again.  I had really thought I might never finish another book.  But here we are...  And I feel quite energized to get back to work on the other book I started a few months back, A Stranger to Kindness.  

I have a long weekend ahead of me (thanks Queenie) so might find some time to do some work on that.

What are you celebrating this week?