Sunday, June 26, 2022

Weekly Goals 27-6-22

 I had a lovely long weekend away, but of course, didn't get any writing done.  Again.  

And now I've agreed to do some reading for a friend and will have to try and fit that in somewhere in the next couple of weeks.

I sometimes wonder if I really want to write this book at all.  I keep finding ways NOT to write it.

Anyway.  My goal this week is to write at least 100 words on the book.  It's not much.  It won't take long.  And if I know me, I'll sit down to write 100 words and I'll end up with 1,000.

And once I've done that, then I'll start reading for my friend.

What are your goals this week?


  1. My goal for this week is I need to open my WIP and at least write a couple sentences. I have not been writing recently and I am so close to the end of my WIP- so I need to get back to it. :) Good luck with your 100 or more words. :)

  2. Stupid real life. It always gets in the way of writing.

  3. good luck with writing. I don't have any goals this week as I started a part time job so writing and other stuff is on pause until I find out how tiring the job makes me. It's only for the summer though so after that I can come back to writing if the job has me too tired during to write afterward.