Sunday, May 21, 2023

Weekly Goals 22-5-23

 So, at the end of last week I thought it would be nice to slow down a bit.  I think the universe took that request a bit too seriously because I tested positive for Covid yesterday.  I had a bit of a runny nose and because I was going to the classic film which a lot of old people go to, I thought I should do a quick test before I went.

Suffice to say, I didn't go to the movie.

It's the worst timing in the world because this week at work I was supposed to be running focus groups 3 nights, plus catering a function.  And now I can't do any of it which puts a whole lot of extra pressure on my colleagues.  Not ideal.

Luckily I don't feel too bad.  Just sore sinuses and a runny nose.  No sore throat or cough.  Interestingly, it's almost exactly a year since I last had it.

So my goal this week is to support my colleagues as much as I can from home and to kick this thing as soon as possible.  I'm supposed to stay home for a week.  How boring.  Especially since I can tell I'll be feeling perfectly fine by tomorrow.  I don't even feel too bad now.

At least I might be able to find some time to write in there.

What are your goals this week?


  1. Oh no! Be safe. Good thing we have vaccines.

  2. That sucks you got sick, but even it's better just you sick than being dumb and getting everyone sick.