Sunday, June 27, 2021

Weekly Goals 28-6-21

 My goals remain persistently the same I'm afraid...  Just to keep working on Juliet x2.  I've actually made some progress, which is good.  I just need to find the time and inspiration to do some new writing toward the start of the book.  And at the moment inspiration is something I'm struggling to find.

We seem to have reached that part of the winter where it rains all the time and is overcast and grey for weeks on end.  So my other goal is to do things that cheer me up - other than eating which seems to be my go-to in the winter.  But that just ends up depressing me more when I can no longer fit into my favourite clothes.

Which leads to my final goal, which is, as usual, to go the the gym more.  It's a little trickier with the city still in Level 2 COVID restrictions, but fingers crossed they will be lifted by Wednesday.  There have been no cases so far, despite the number of places that Australian went last weekend, and how busy they were.  I feel like we may have dodged a bullet there.

What are your goals this week?