Thursday, June 24, 2021

Celebrate the Small Things 25-6-21

It's the end of the week, so it's time to Celebrate the Small things...

What am I celebrating this week?

A few things actually.

My son got mugged on Tuesday, so I'm celebrating that he wasn't hurt.  It's a messy, complicated situation, but I'm celebrating the fact someone saw it happening and called the police before things escalated.

I'm also celebrating the fact the same son passed his first big math exam.  It can only be a huge (and much needed) boost to his confidence.

I'm NOT celebrating the fact we're back in COVID alert level 2 after some guy from Sydney came over here for a weekend and then tested positive when he got home.  He went to a lot of places, many of them very crowded, so the entire region has gone into level 2.  The only plus side of this is that so many people are working at home, the buses are almost empty and it's super quiet in my office.  I've been the only one in my team the last two days...

I have made some progress on Juliet x2.  Hoping to get through more over the weekend.  Once this latest COVID alert is over, I might take a day off and do a writing blitz in an attempt to try and fill in the holes I've identified in the structure/plot.  I feel like I need a dedicated day to do that work and it makes sense to go back to the library where I wrote most of the first draft to do it.

One of my friends became a grandma last week, so I'm going around to her house tonight to have a drink to celebrate.  Or maybe commiserate...  I'm not sure what's appropriate when you become a grandma at such a young age.  Makes me feel old because the daughter who had the baby used to work for me when I ran a cinema.  I know that was many years ago now, but it doesn't feel that long.  

Damn!  I'm getting old...

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. Oh no. That sucks about your son, but I'm glad he wasn't hurt. I hope they catch whoever did it so they can't do it again.

  2. How scary about your son. I hope he'll be okay.