Sunday, March 28, 2021

Weekly Goals 29-3-21

 Can you believe it's the end of March?  This year seems to be racing by!  It's Easter this weekend.  I have to say I am very much looking forward to the four-day weekend, especially since daylight savings ends and we get an extra hour to sleep in on Sunday.

But before we revel in the luxury of a long weekend, what are my goals for this week?

I plan to start reading through Juliet and Juliet so I can get a feel for what I wrote and what needs changing.  I know it's a lot...  Then I'll start working through it, chapter by chapter, rewriting, adding, changing until I have a revised version I'm reasonably happy with and can send to critique partners for feedback.

The weather has packed in so it looks like biking to work might be over for the year.  Once daylight saving finishes it's too dark for me to ride home in the evening.  So I will have to get back into the habit of going to the gym at lunchtime three or four days a week.  It's a shame.  I was enjoying getting my exercise and commuting at the same time.  It feels so much more efficient!

What are your goals this week?


  1. For me, the year is going space. I finished a short story collection project. I wrote sixty poems in the last two months alone (according to my harshest, and only, critic, a huge waste of time!). I’ve started on a project I’ll work on once a month every month. I tackled the finals of the outline I’m about to begin writing after this comment. And at work, I’ve now reached a month of working a new shift where I bring in music to help the first hour flow as well as it can, until things are no longer in my control. I can account for all three months. It’s the future that will always be intimidating. After all, I still have to write that manuscript, and hope it has a fortuitous destiny!

    1. The year is going “apace.” Autocorrect changed the word. And tried doing it again in this comment...

  2. I'm still not sure that March of 2020 has ended yet. Good luck with your writing!