Friday, March 5, 2021

Celebrate the Small Things 5-3-21


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What am I celebrating this week?

Being safe, actually!

There was a big earthquake in the early hours of Friday morning, and then several more, all centered around the Kermadec Islands which are just north of New Zealand.  The biggest of these quakes was an 8.0 and triggered tsunami warnings for most of the East Coast.  

Luckily I don't live on the East Coast, and while we do live close to the sea, I feel a lot safer from tsunami threats here than I did at our old house.  The blue line that marks the tsunami safe zone is only a minute or so away on foot.  Not that I think water knows it's not supposed to go past the blue line.  If there is a tsunami warning here, I think I'd go further up the hill than the line.  Just in case, y'know?

The COVID cluster in Auckland seems to be well contained, so we're heading down alert levels again from tomorrow morning.  Fingers crossed there won't be another outbreak.  The vaccine roll-out is moving to the families and household contacts of border workers next week, so that should make infections coming across the border less likely to happen.  Not that any of the recent infections can be linked to the border in anything but the most tenuous ways....

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. That's a bad quake. The tsunamis sound scary. I hope you'll be able to relax soon.

  2. Got a lot of editing done this week! Hope to finish tomorrow!

    Glad you’re safe. Hopefully that blue line represents the most extreme reach of potential tsunami mayhem. But I suppose it doesn’t hurt to make sure.