Sunday, December 23, 2018

Weekly Goals 24-12-18

Now that I'm on holiday, my goals are pretty simple really.

I want to sleep more, exercise more, write more and get my house clean and tidy.

So each day before we go to the beach, I plan to sleep in, go to the gym, clean one room from top to bottom and then edit four chapters of my book.  At that rate, I should be just about through this edit before we leave for the beach.

Oh, and I get Christmas Day off...  That's just for eating and drinking and spending time with family.  My sister and her family arrived from Tuscon last night, so looking forward to seeing them.  It's been two years.  My niece is almost eight now and probably a completely different kid than she was the last time she was here.

What are your goals this week?  Other than having a very merry Christmas?


  1. Oh, it's the worst, not getting to see kids often enough, knowing you're missing huge chunks of time. I saw my godson last weekend, and he was a teenager, officially, and it had only been a few years. I worry about seeing my other nephews again, and I still have no idea when that'll be. They're younger, but I've had the privilege of seeing a lot of them in their early years.

  2. Sleeping in... sounds heavenly. Have a nice holiday!

  3. Hope all went off as planned and that you had a great Xmas and are making good headway on your book. Best wishes for a Happy New Year.