Monday, December 10, 2018

Weekly Goals 10-12-18

Somehow I forgot to write these goals yesterday when I ought to have...  So I'm a day out.

I'm very close to finishing my publisher's edits, so my main goal this week is to turn those in.  I'm surprised how much I still like this book, even after going through every inch of it about 500 times over a number of years.

We're winding down toward the end of the year at work, but that doesn't mean things have become a whole lot quieter.  There's still so much to do!  And our Christmas party on Thursday.  And I have another one on Friday.


What are your goals this week?


  1. It's always a good sign if you still like a book each time you keep reading it. :)

  2. Goals? To make it to the end while retaining my sanity? (Today was not a great start...) Because at the end of the week is mini family reunion!

  3. Good luck with the edits.
    I haven't made any goals because I'm just attempting to survive this month.