Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Insecure Writer's Support Group - 5 December

It's the first Wednesday of December, so it's time for IWSG...

This month's question is:  What are five objects we'd find in your writing space?

Well, I don't really have a writing space.  I write at the breakfast bar in our kitchen/living/dining room.  It's not 100% ideal, but it's the best I can do.  Just wait until one of my kids leaves home. I'll have a special writing room all of my own then, with book cases, my own desk, stationary, pin boards for note cards...

But I digress.

In my writing space right now, there are several boxes of cupcakes my son made for a bake sale he's holding at school.  It's part of a social studies projects about social issues and he's raising money for UNICEF.

There are also a couple of school notices waiting for attention.

There's a muddy water bottle that was left there after someone came home from mountain biking on Saturday.

There's sunscreen because in a place with no ozone layer, you need to put it on before you leave the house, and the kitchen tends to be one of the last places you go before you leave.

And there's my laptop, perched at the very end of the breakfast bar where it lives, waiting hopefully for me to come and work on whichever project I'm supposed to be writing this week.  It gets pushed aside regularly, when people want to read the newspaper, do the crossword puzzle and sometimes eat dinner if we have a guest. Our dining room table which adjoins the breakfast bar only seats four.

So that's my writing space.  A tiny island of creativity in the midst of everyday chaos.

What's you're writing space like?


  1. I'm lucky to have a desk in a shared office, so don't have to push the laptop aside to do other things – don't have to, but somehow still do sometimes.

  2. There's sunscreen on my kitchen table, too. You're very right about it being one of the last places we go before we leave.

    I'm lucky enough to have an office that doubles as a guest room (or a guest room that doubles as a office), so mostly I work out of there. If there were boxes of cupcakes in there, though, I'd have a really hard time concentrating on anything else. :)

  3. Don't be tempted to eat the cupcakes. ;)

  4. I'm not sure I could leave cupcakes next to me when I write. It would be too distracting! :)

  5. But imagine the worlds you can create in that tiny island!

  6. Now that is quite the variety. I think the cupcakes would be too tempting though.

  7. I actually do most of my writing on the floor. I've been working like this for a long time, though, so it's nothing alarming. I've had desks, but that's when computers were on desktops, too. In those days I had a baseball (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reference, a dictionary & thesaurus, sometimes a cat, a bike parked behind it (the cat and bike weren't there at the same time, and it's not because the cat's secret identity was a cat), and one of those writing prompt books, which I never actually used. I gots tons of ideas, maaaan.