Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On reading...and sleeping

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I read a lot. A LOT. And I read very broadly. But I can be very critical of the books I read.

At the moment, I'm reading a book with an awesome premise. It's dystopian which is not something I read a lot of, but it's also based on a classic which I love. But every time I pick up this book to read, I fall asleep.

Is it the book, or is it me? I've been working like a madwoman the past couple of weeks, both at the day job and on my writing projects, so I'm inclined to think it's me. But I haven't fallen asleep reading anything else over that period, just this one book. It's not like the book is boring either. What I have read has been great and I look forward to settling in and reading in the bath each night. Then.... Zzzzzzzz.

Has this ever happened to you?


  1. Not with a book, but it has with a film. 5 times I tried to watch the movie adaptation of The Merchant of Venice and fell asleep within a few minutes every time. Very odd.

    I also had a tutor at university whose voice sent me to sleep. I didn't find him boring at all, it was just his voice. I think he could have easily hypnotised me if he tried!

    1. Don't even talk to me about falling asleep in movies. Darkness, flickering light, comfy seats, 5 hours sleep each night.... You get the picture! And watching films is my job.

  2. Hmm maybe it's not hitting the right notes for you now. I would bookmark it, pick up something else you've been itching to read and see if that helps.