Monday, March 19, 2012


On the eve of the next big ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) announcement, I have to admit to a wee flutter of nerves. I didn't think I would, being a seasoned veteran of 3 years now, but I do have butterflies. And I'm obsessively refreshing the ABNA page in case the quarter-finalists list is posted earlier than it has been in previous years.

So far, it hasn't been. I'm going to try and hold off checking again until just before I go to bed. If they're not up then, they will almost certainly be up by the time I get up in the morning. In a way I almost hope my name's not on the list because I'm not sure I can take another month of worrying about making it through the next round!

If you're entered, good luck! Drop by and let me know if you make the cut. Or if you don't. And check out the ABNA forums tomorrow. They're always entertaining after a round of cuts....


  1. Very best of luck to you. I have my fingers crossed for you. You've earned this and Taillights is an amazing story ^_^

    1. Thanks Lori, but it's just not my year... I'm out. At least now I can focus on what I'm supposed to be doing, rather than waiting for the next round of cuts.