Saturday, March 24, 2012

Childish imagination

My older son has become an avid reader. YAY! It's so much fun to see him get involved in the world of the book he's reading and how it extends to the games he plays with his friends and his younger brother. He's reading Harry Potter right now, and suddenly it's all about magic. He comes home to Hogwarts and his bike (or scooter) is the Hogwarts Express.

I remember that kind of childish imagination from my own experiences. I was convinced if I just found the right wardrobe, I could get to Narnia too. I had my own desert island for a while too, where I would play Treasure Island or Swiss Family Robinson.

As I grew up, those imagining games I played became stories I'd write down. And they still are. I wonder if that little seven-year-old in his cape realizes that what he's doing on his bike isn't all that different to what his mother does at her computer...

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  1. As you say, YAY! I was just thinking this morning how cool it was when my daughter began to move sticks and leaves around, pretending they were mommies and dogs and babies. And now she loves Finn Family Moomintroll and Paddington and The Faraway Tree - all my old favorites (which I get to revisit through her eyes.)

    It is magic and a Narnian cupboard, of the real variety!