Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stormy Weather

It's just after 6am and I haven't slept all night. The wind howled around the house all night, shaking the windows and the foundations. It picked up fistfuls of rain and hail and hurled them at the windows just as I was dropping off each time, startling me awake with its violence. Every time I thought the storm was relaxing from its frenzy, a new assault on the glass was made.

In between the wind's siege, my son's coughing kept me up. Twice I had to brave the icy wooden floor to find his water, or his teddy bear. Finally, I gave up and came out to the computer.

So I now have an extremely long day ahead of me, with no sleep behind me. I have a function for 100 corporates tonight, which is challenging enough with a good night's rest. Plus, I'm so far behind on my book, it's ridiculous. I promised myself 3 hours writing time at the library, and I'm damned if I'm giving that up.

Why did my coffee machine choose this week to break down???


  1. The weather's been kinda crazy here, too, the last few days. Makes like interesting anyway.

    Assuming we live through it. Glad to hear you did.

  2. Hang in there! I'm glad that nothing will keep you from writing. My drive is at zero right now. It's very frustrating. I hope everything worked out with your function.

  3. Yeah, we thought i would be fun to take the kids camping. I really don't think I slept. FORTUNATELY I have NOTHING to do for the rest of the day :D
    Good luck!