Monday, July 11, 2011

A challenge...

One of my favorite writers' challenges is the 100 word story - no repeats! To do this, you write a story of exactly 100 words, but cannot repeat a single one, not even 'a' or 'the'. It's hard. 100 words isn't much, but when you have choose them carefully, it can feel like a lot.

So, today I'm challenging you to write one for me. Post it in the comments so we can all get a look at your take on it. It's easy: only 2 rules - 100 words and no repeats.

And to get you going, here's mine...


Campfire smoke curls skywards as darkness descends over treetops. Colours streak clouds in pink, gold and lavender shades, amber light illuminating my face. Leaning towards fiery warmth, tears trickle across shadowed cheekbones, falling, melting into frozen ground. Charred meat scents brittle winter air - dinnertime soon: freshly slaughtered deer, innards piled carelessly just feet away. Dad’s knife still clutched white knuckled in bloodstained hands. I can’t let go. Death came too easily to this beautiful creature. One moment alive - prancing, leaping amongst foliage - single gunshot echoing while the deer tumbles, lying prone, blood pooling beneath. An innocent life cut short. Extinguished.

Are you up to the challenge??


  1. I'm totally wimping out today because of the INSANITY of my day, but I'll also come back and check to see how everyone did!

  2. Wow... Not sure I could do it. LOL

  3. That was excellent! Nope, not up to that challenge, it's making my brain hurt.