Saturday, July 9, 2011

Abandoning Ship

I'm just over 14K into my new MS, and already I've gotten so far away from my 'outline' that I just tossed it in the bin. My plan to write beginning to end also went into the toilet when on Friday I went to the library and wrote 3.5K of scenes from much further on in the book than Chapter 5, where I'm supposedly up to.

I think it's time to just accept that plotting and writing beginning to end are not things I can do. I need to embrace my kooky, out of whack way of throwing a book together. I've written 5 books in that way, and trying to force myself into a style or technique that isn't mine, is probably going to kill what makes my books mine.

So, I'm abandoning my outline. I'm going to write whatever part of the book I want to write, whether it's the beginning, middle or end. And hopefully in a few weeks, it will all come together and become the novel I wanted to write.

How do you write? Do you go beginning to end? Or do you like to start in the middle like I do, and work out in both directions?


  1. I do write start to end, I think I'd get totally lost if I didn't. But I don't plan. Not ever. I have a vague idea of the beginning and the ending and then let the characters get from one to the other however they like.

    Everyone writes in different ways, you should just do whatever works for you and ignore all those people who would make you feel guilty for not writing from dawn til dusk every day, or not sticking to a rigid outline that's almost as long as the book itself.

  2. I was so scared when I read the title that you ended up scrapping your whole project! I outline and write from beginning to end, but I have a tendency to stray from my outline. It's more of a... guideline.

  3. Ha! I just did a post on this.

    I write what I want to write, when I want to write (aside from life getting in the way).

    Writing should be fun, and whatever works for me, works for me :D

  4. I think everyone's process is different. You need to find out what works for you. An outline may not be a useful tool for you. I sometimes wish I could be freer with my writing and not have an outline to follow.