Monday, December 12, 2022

Weekly Goals 12-12-22

 Somehow I managed to miss writing this post yesterday morning...  I was submitting some short stories, and for some reason it must have slipped my mind!  But better late than never!

Not that I actually have much in the way of goals for this week.  It's my last full week at work, so I'm trying to get everything wrapped up so I can go on holiday without a whole lot of stuff hanging over me.  My main goal for this week is to finish off my Christmas presents so they have enough time to dry before the big day.  I managed to get the painting done this last weekend, but still need to do a layer of epoxy resin on top and that needs about a week to cure.

I'm finally feeling better after my flu and I road my bike to work yesterday.  Hopefully the beautiful weather we're having will stick and I can do it again tomorrow and Friday.

And that's about it for goals right now.  What are you trying to get done this week?

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