Friday, December 23, 2022

Celebrate the Small Things 23-12-22


It's the end of the week, so it's time to Celebrate the Small things...

What am I celebrating this week?


I finished work on Wednesday and am not going back until January 12 - three whole weeks of vacation!  Yes, I have to get through Christmas, but that's one day, two if I add Boxing Day which will be another family-filled one, but after that, freedom!  And the beach house for a week.

My sister is here with her family and it's nice to see them for the first time since 2018/19.  My niece is so grown up now!  And looks so much like my sister.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas (if you celebrate it) and I'll catch you again after the jolly fat man's visit.


  1. Wow, three weeks? That's amazing. Have a nice time at the beach! I'm so jealous right now.