Sunday, January 3, 2021

Checking in on 2020's goals

 Each year I write a letter to myself in January outlining my goals for the year.  Before we take a look at 2021's goals, let's check in and see how I went with last year's...  Black is the original letter; purple are my comments on whether or not that goal was met.

Dear Me,

It’s now mid-January, so I’m a little late writing this annual letter to myself.  But I have a good excuse because before the New Year hit I was writing a novella to deadline and I went away on holiday right afterward and didn’t take my computer with me.  So here we are...

For those of you who haven’t followed me through this annual ritual, each year I write a letter to myself outlining my goals for the year ahead.  Around mid June I check in on it to see how I’m tracking, and then again at the end of the year.

Before we look at the year ahead, let’s just take a moment to reflect on the year just gone.  For the last couple of years I have struggled a little as a writer.  After 23 years working as a cinema manager, I moved into a new role which has evolved to a point where much of my day is spent writing, editing and otherwise wrangling words.  While I have learned an enourmous amount doing this, and really enjoy the work, I often find myself completely depleted by the end of the day and unable to find the energy or inspiration for my own writing.

I've managed to find a balance that seems to work for me through my 5:30am writing sessions and using weekends and holidays wisely.

Learning to accept that I’m not able to be as prolific as I used to be has been a challenge, but I think I am now at peace with it.  It means that any opportunity I have to write is all the more precious.  And toward the end of 2019 I think I fell back in love with writing after being somewhat disenchanted with it for a time.

Still very much in love with it and feeling very inspired after NaNo this year.  Itching to start writing something new...

So my main goal in 2020 is to keep being in love with writing and to keep doing it whenever the opportunity arises.  I think perhaps I have given too much weight to publishing novels over the last few years, and while I still want to write and publish my books, I also want to explore other opportunities.

I have always written short stories, and have a pile of good ones just sitting there, waiting to be published.  So this year I plan to do some writing and submitting of short stories as well as continuing to write and submit novels.

I did this and even had a couple of things published.  And even more things rejected.  But that's all part of the game.

I also still have several finished, almost-finished and partly finished novels sitting on my hard drive.  Some of these are really good and I need to get them to the point I can send them out to publishers etc.  In 2019 my goal was to finish all these books too, but I only actually got one finished and sent out during the year, despite my best intentions.  I’m still waiting to hear back about that one too, so we’ll see...

Still working through these, but I have finished and sent out a few different manuscripts this year, including the one that will be published in March.

There’s a contest I’m hoping to enter too, and it closes in early February, so I’m working to get another one of those unfinished/almost-finished books ready to send out.  I’ve changed my mind a few times about which one to work on, but I think I’ve landed on the right one for this particular contest.

Did this too.  Didn't win... Will enter again in 2021 with a different MS.

Once that one is done and out the door, I have notes from critique partners to address on two other books.  Plus two other books that need endings.  One of these I really like, but I struggled for months last year over how to end it.  I’m still not 100% certain I know what to do with it, but I’m determined to figure it out because I really love the book and its characters.

I finished that one - Standing Too Close - and am currently querying it.  Others still need more work before they are polished enough to go out to publishers and/or agents.  

The other things I’d really like to try and tackle this year are writing a novel based on my “beach house” series of short stories, and attempting my first novel for adults.  I have a loose kind of outline for the adult novel written and I had planned to write it during NaNo in November, but chickened out.  So I wrote something else during NaNo while I started reading more adult books to try and figure out how the tone of voice is different.  Hopefully I’ll feel ready to write this story this year.  It’s one that’s been hanging out in my head since about 2010...

That didn't happen.  Neither of them.  Other ideas for stories just took over.  Maybe next year...

On the non-writing side of things, I plan to keep exercising regularly.  While the weather is good and daylight saving keeps the evenings light enough, I will keep riding my bike to and from work as much as possible.  Once the weather turns, I will get back into going to the gym at lunchtimes as often as I can.  And I will keep going to my Saturday morning spin classes every week because I enjoy them, even after 10 or so years.

I managed this.  Quite proud of how I've managed to keep exercise very much a part of my daily routines.

My younger son starts high school this year and I think he’s going to find it quite challenging.  I want to be available to him if he struggles and find ways to help him settle in, make new friends and hopefully find something that interests him (other than video games).

This proved to be true, but he did find a love of photography and has become very successful as a photographer of airplanes.  Shame there is so little air traffic at the moment thanks to the pandemic basically shutting down travel.

And I think that’s about it.  I know I should probably make some kind of goal around being kinder to myself or taking time out for me, but writing time is “me time” and as long as I can have a bath each night and read a book while I’m soaking, I’m happy.

What are your goals for the year?

Love, Me.


  1. It's really great that you're feeling so inspired following NaNo last year. Falling back in love with writing is an amazing feeling.

    Also so glad to hear your son found a love of photography.

    Best of luck with your goals this year!

  2. I think your 2020 work has been top-notch. I'm sure you'll keep up the good work. Happy 2021!