Sunday, March 22, 2020

Weekly Goals 23-3-20

It's kind of difficult to make goals when every day the world seems to shift further into an Orwellian nightmare.  But we must keep going, so I'm going to try to set some goals that may or may not be achievable in the current climate.

I got edits on my novella for the anthology over the weekend, so my first goal this week is to turn those around and get them turned in before the deadline.

My second goal is to try and get myself settled into working from home.  It's not something I'm used to doing except the odd day here or there when I had a specific project I had to focus on intensely.  So being here on my own every day (assuming we don't go back into the office tomorrow as anticipated) is going to take some getting used to.

My third goal is to keep using the time I usually commute to work to exercise.  The gym is unlikely to stay open much longer, so I can't count on being able to go there, and the classes aren't at times that are convenient if I'm working at home.

And my final goal is to try to get some writing done.  I've been struggling with this over the last week because it seems so irrelevant to write about the world before this happened.  Yet it's impossible to write about the world as it is now because we have no idea what is going to happen next...

What are your goals this week?


  1. I keep struggling with the impulse to come up with a response to COVID-19 (on Facebook I'm friends with a writer who's been chronicling "Shelter in Place," a parody-in-progress. But then I already have a million projects to tackle.

  2. It's all so insane. All I keep hearing is that it's going to get worse...