Thursday, March 5, 2020

Celebrate the Small Things 6-3-20

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What am I celebrating this week?

It's the weekend!

It's been one of those really, really long weeks so I'm ridiculously glad to have a couple of days off.  I'm feeling very tired today, so am looking forward to getting some sleep over the weekend.  Sleep is definitely something to celebrate!  During the week I generally get around 5 or so hours, so if I can get a couple extra in on a Sunday, I do!

I also haven't managed to get a lot of writing done this week (although I did read through an unfinished MS and discovered it's not nearly as terrible as I suspected it would be), so am looking forward to getting some time to really knuckle down to finishing Standing Too Close.

My partner and I are going out for dinner with some friends on Saturday which has been in the works for MONTHS now.  We keep scheduling and having to cancel because one or another of us (or our kids) has something on. So I'm looking forward to that.  We're going to one of my favorite restaurants.

And that's about it for me this week.  What are you celebrating this weekend?


  1. Sleep... I remember that... vaguely.

  2. I had a genuine sick day on Wednesday, so I'm just grateful that I made it to the end of the week okay. The workweek still ended somewhat dubiously. Coworkers don't often think (or care) about what they leave behind them. Still struggling with that. Assumed the closing position apparently about a month ago at the childcare center. I don't know how anyone else in the baby room has done this so easily, but for me it's been something to work on the whole time. Between the stuff people aren't doing and the babies who sometimes need things just about to the point they're being picked up...But at least I get to have those magical baby moments. That's my job. I just have to keep focusing on that. I can think of little else that's as rewarding. One of them is suddenly sitting up on his own, and he's not even half a year old yet. He and the other baby who's been there virtually to close the past few weeks, they've been making strides recently. Love it.