Sunday, March 31, 2019

Weekly Goals 1- 4-19

I have another somewhat nutty week ahead of me at work, so writing time will be limited (again).

I will attempt to get back into the book I was working on before I got distracted, but in case of more distractions, I plan to try and write some short fiction in lieu of working on my book.  At least that way I'll be keeping that creative muscle moving.

The public library in my city was closed suddenly a couple of weeks back because of fears the building might be unsafe in an earthquake, so my supply of new books is dwindling fast.  Time to start catching up on all those un-read books on my shelves that people have given me over the years...

What are your goals this week?


  1. I've got a huge backlog of books to read. I'm always on the lookout, and always finding more...Sometimes it's overwhelming, but most often it's exhilarating...!

  2. Oh no. I hope they can make the library safe. People need their books.

  3. Good luck with your week and getting something creative in.