Sunday, November 4, 2018

Weekly Goals 5-11-18

It's going to be another stupidly busy week at work this week, so my goal is just to get through it with some sanity still intact.  Can the end of the year and our summer break come soon?

I've been really out of whack on my gym-going routine too, so it's time to get back into that this week.  Saturday's class was really hard because I hadn't been for two weeks.

I'm having NaNo envy, so to try and make myself feel better about not participating this year, I'm going to try and write a 1000 word short story each day that I have time to do it.  Just to keep my writing brain from drying up and blowing away.

One day I'll get back to my novel...

What are your goals this week?


  1. That 1000 word story thing is a good idea (I totally don't think I could pull it off). Here's hoping you can get back to your book soon.

  2. What is this sanity thing you talk of? ;)