Sunday, June 30, 2013

Common mistakes...

Here's another edition of common mistakes I see in MSs I read, and even in some published books!

There is a difference between 'chord' and 'cord'.  A chord is a series of musical notes.  So if something gets to you, it strikes a chord.  If you strike a cord, you're probably hitting a piece of rope.

If you're starting a lawnmower or outboard motor, you're pulling a cord.

I've seen this one two or three times in the last week or so, and thought it might be time to clear it up.  Another one I keep seeing is 'heroine' and 'heroin'.  There's a big difference guys!  Your heroine is the feisty female lead in your story.  Heroin is a very addictive opiate.  Mixing those two up can make for some very giggle-worthy phrases, believe me!

What are some other common mistakes you see?


  1. I normally see more mundane mistakes, like you're/your, sight/site and to/too.
    But I'm lucky that my Firefox browser automatically underlines in red anything that it believes is spelled wrong and saves me from making a fool of myself when leaving comments! lol

    1. I see a lot of those too, but I've already done a blog post on those ones. These are new ones I've started noticing more and more frequently....

  2. I've seen similar common misuage of words that give unintended meaning. We all have writing quirks with certain words and sensitivity with other words. One that comes to mind is hoard/horde.

  3. Hehehe, heroine and heroin. Maybe the heroine is able to kick a heroin habit?

    The two that I confuse (I know the difference, but my fingers like to type them wrong) are emboss and embalm. Yep, big difference there.

  4. Hoard and horde are good ones too.....

  5. I'm always surprised at the words I see mixed up. I remember cringing when I read "birth" when it was supposed to be "berth" in a finished book. But I might laugh if I saw someone describe his/her female lead as a heroin.

  6. It's funny that when I read that I thought "That's obvious," but I still have to look up "their" every now and then. I better not throw stones.