Sunday, September 6, 2020

Weekly Goals 7-9-20

I have just got the last round of notes from readers on Standing Too Close, so this week is all about trying to implement all the feedback I have received, and hopefully fix all the flaws in the story.  it may be challenging because different readers have had issues with different things, so I need to really think hard about what is true to the characters and what feels right to me.

I may not get through all of it this week because I'm going away for a long weekend and am not going to take my laptop.  But we shall see how far I can get in my morning sessions.

I'm very keen to get this story right and ready to send out by the end of the month so I can spend October querying while I prepare for NaNo and writing A Stranger to Kindness.  Weirdly, this is a book that came with a title... It's not something that happens to me often.  Most of my stories live in my hard drive for years under the name of the main character (Chris or Sacha) or as hashtags like #juvvielesbian or #suicidequake.  I always take it as a good thing when a title comes first or the title inspires the story that will sit under it.  Even if the title often ends up changing before the book is published. 

Fun fact - An Unstill Life was called The Boyfriend Plague until just before it was published.

And that's about all for goals this week.  Just trying to get through until Friday when I get to go on my trip to the snow!

What are your goals this week?


  1. Titles can be so hard to nail. Sometimes it’s clear what it should be. Sometimes it never becomes clear.

  2. Interesting how the title came so easily with this one. I'd be suspicious lol. I actually remember you calling An Unstill Life The Boyfriend Plague! I guess I've been around here for a while!