Sunday, August 30, 2020

Weekly Goals 31-8-20

Can you believe it's the last day of August already?  Where the heck has this year disappeared to? 

My elder son will be turning 16 in two weeks and I can tell you, I am SO not ready for him to start learning to drive...

What are my goals for this week?

Firstly, let's not panic about how little I've achieved this year.  There are still a few months left to get on that. 

I received a little more feedback on Standing Too Close which will hopefully help clarify the work I need to do to get the mid-section of the book working better.

I also have a beta-read to do for a friend.  Just the first 100 or so pages of her new project, but that will be my priority this week, while I mull over the various pieces of feedback I have on the book.

The new story is still harping on at me, but I'm holding those characters at bay because I really NEED to finish Standing Too Close before I start anything new.  My goal is to do that and start querying it before November and NaNo.

Yes, querying.  You heard me right.  I think Standing Too Close is among the best things I've written and all my readers seem to agree that despite its flaws, it's good. So I think it's time to get back into the trenches and give this little book the chance to find the readers it deserves.

I'm fucking terrified of doing it, but Blue and Sage and Wiley deserve to be known by more people than my other characters have managed to reach, so I'll do it for them...

What are your goals this week?


  1. My 16-year-old niece has her driver's permit, and I was so not ready for that, and I'm just her aunt.

    Best of luck with the querying!!

  2. My oldest nephew got his license recently. I know enough time has passed for him to be old enough, but it’s still crazy to think he’s that old!