Sunday, June 7, 2020

Weekly Goals 8-6-20

I had another good weekend when it comes to writing, and made substantial progress on my tight-deadline project.  I need to try and cut down a little of what I wrote because I feel like I'm not hitting all the beats in quite the right places, but it's a good start. Especially considering I thought it might take me two weekends to get through the number of pages required, and I did it in one.

Unfortunately, working on that means I didn't work at all on Standing Too Close, just when I was on a roll with it.  But given how long that project has been hanging around, waiting for me to finish revising it, I guess it can wait another week or so.

The exciting news for this week is that New Zealand is now COVID-19-free! The last active case has recovered, and there has been no new cases for several weeks.  This means that as of midnight tonight, we move into Level 1 of our alert system which takes us back to life as usual, apart from the borders being closed.

So no overseas travel in the near future (I haven't been overseas since 2013 anyway), and no visits from friends and family abroad.  Which means my sister and her family probably won't be able to visit at Christmas, which is a shame, but not life-threatening.

I guess the gym will be opening back up...  Guess I'd better get back to that now.

What are your goals this week?

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  1. That's so good to hear! I mean about NZ being Corona-free, although it's also great that you're still writing :)