Friday, February 7, 2020

Celebrate the Small Things 7-2-20

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What am I celebrating this week?

I almost finished the book I've been struggling with off and on since last year (longer if you remember I wrote the beginning of it in NaNo about 2 years ago).  I wrote the ending and am now just getting into the epilogue which I feel is needed.

It's not finished by a long shot, but having written an ending makes it feel like I can finish it now.  I need to go back and fill in a little bit in the middle where I think the pacing is off and events happen too quickly, but other than that, I think I may have something to share with readers soon.

I'm having a long weekend this weekend because Thursday was a public holiday and I took Friday off too to write.  The rest of the weekend is going to be busy with household chores, family and my son's band playing a gig at a local fair.

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. Good for you for getting the ending down. I hope the rest of your long weekend is nice and relaxing.

  2. Funny: you finally write the ending. But then you need an epilogue!

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