Sunday, August 18, 2019

Weekly Goals 19-8-19

I finished the book I've been working on.  The one I'm not sure quite what is yet.  And I've sent it off to a couple of readers, so I'll have to wait for some feedback before I go back to it.

I started working on that story because I couldn't figure out how to finish Standing Too Close. Unfortunately, I'm still not sure how to finish that.  So while I wait for feedback on the one I just finished, I'm going to go back to another older MS and re-read it to see if it works now.  This is a story that was originally two first person POVs, then re-written as one first person POV and earlier this year I re-wrote again as third person.  I haven't looked over it since then, so it's probably time to go back and see if this third POV shift actually fixed it.

Hopefully after that I might have some idea how to finish the other book.

What are your goals this week?


  1. Ending: "Dude, you're standing too close." "Oh."


  2. Good goals. I think I have some reading I need to get to...

  3. Great goals for the week. Good luck!