Sunday, August 11, 2019

Weekly Goals 12-8-19

The film festival is officially over (although there are a handful of extra screenings of popular films this week) so it's back to work for me.

I finished the revision I've been doing and just want to do one more pass through to make sure all the changes I made actually work.  Then it's off to some beta readers to see if they think it's okay.

So my main goal this week is to get through that final pass without finding a million more things to change.

And now, to wrap up the last films I saw over the weekend.

Come to Daddy:  This was great fun.  Directed by an old friend of mine, it's a thriller about a young guy reconnecting with his father for the first time in many years.  Things don't go well, and murder and mayhem ensue...

One Child Nation: A doco about China's one child policy which was really well done, but didn't really tell me anything about the policy and its issues I didn't already know.  But it was interesting to hear Chinese people criticizing it, because when I lived in China you never would have.

Beanpole:  A Russian film about two friends in Leningrad just after the war.  I found this one a little too slow moving for my tastes, and there was very little plot.  The main character was also really hard to get a handle on so I didn't really understand her motivations most of the time.

What are your goals this week?


  1. Murder and mayhem are always fun. Good luck with not finding a million little things to change. I always thought that was impossible.

  2. Good luck with your read through.