Sunday, August 19, 2018

Weekly Goals 20-8-18

I didn't manage to get any chapters written for my book over the weekend, so this week I need to catch up a bit.  On Saturday I ran out of time to write, and yesterday the prompt was to write a haiku, so that didn't work for me.  I did finish an article I've been working on, and make a first attempt at a query letter for one of my finished novels.  So I did write.

I've been pretty good about the gym the last few weeks, so my goal is to continue that with at least two gym sessions during the week, in addition to my regular Saturday class.

My younger son has pretty much stopped reading, which is horrifying to me.  And when he does read, he just re-reads the same Wimpy Kid books he's been reading for years.  I need to find something that will get him reading again, and enjoying it. He goes to high school in eighteen months, and if he doesn't start reading more complex books soon, he's never going to cope with the books they assign there.  If anyone has any suggestions of something that might engage an eleve-year-old boy, send it my way.  He's read (and loved) Harry Potter already, so looking for something new.

What are your goals this week?


  1. This was a full week for me also
    Happy photography day
    new post

  2. My sister's obsessed with Rick Riordan books. I don't think they're at the same literary level as Harry Potter, but they're readable, and there's lots of them, and plenty of different series to choose from. You might try the How To Train Your Dragon books, too, or the Series of Unfortunate Events. Lemony Snicket, AKA Daniel Handler, has a whimsical style that's both silly and clever, which might be exactly what your son needs.

    You still have to send query letters, with two books published?

    1. My older son loved the Rick Riordan books, and the younger liked them too. Neither have read Lemony Snicket, so maybe I'll try to get him to try one of those. He's reading The Hobbit right now, so fingers crossed he'll enjoy it and want to read more.

      And yes... Unfortunately query letters are a reality at any stage of the writing journey.

  3. Unfortunately I don't know much about what kids read. Maybe more comics would interest him.

  4. Sorry, I can't help you with book suggestions. =( Hopefully, someone else will come up with a good idea.