Thursday, April 12, 2018

Celebrate the Small Things 13-4-18

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What am I celebrating this week?

It's Friday!

Although it is Friday 13th, so if I was a superstitious type, I'd be worried...

Luckily I'm not, so I'm just going to celebrate the end of the week, and the end of the school term.

Yes, the kids have two weeks of holidays from today.  Unfortunately with the team heading to Cannes in 3 weeks, and a huge event we're having in two weeks, I'm not going to be able to take any time off to spend with them.  Luckily they're old enough now to entertain themselves most of the time.

I am very close to finishing my story.  I hope to get it done over the weekend so I have a few days to revise and polish before the 20 April deadline.

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. Good luck with your story! And also having the kids around. Plus're going to be busy.

  2. I'm celebrating a new book release! Wishing you luck on getting your story finished this weekend. It sounds like you have some pretty exciting happenings in the near future. Enjoy!

  3. I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th. I hope that doesn't affect my CT scan I had today. >.>

  4. Hope the writing is going well and that you finish this weekend so that you have the time you need. :)