Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekly Goals 6-3-17

I'm going to be more realistic this week, and not expect too much of myself on the writing front.  We're making an offer on a house on Friday (probably), and there is a lot to do before then.

And of course, we're going to be putting the house we currently live in on the market too, so there is a lot of tidying up to do.  I have a storage locker booked for next week, so I have to pack up a lot of stuff to put away to make the house presentable.

But I hope to have time for a few chapters of revision.  I will probably need it to keep me sane!  But let's keep it to four chapters.  I think that is probably do-able in this situation.

What are your goals this week?


  1. Selling a house, packing and moving, all of this is so much work. Best wishes that it goes smoothly.

  2. Selling and buying homes, and moving, is such a huge time suck. When I was going through it, I wasn't getting much, if any writing done. But I agree—you'll need those chapters to keep you sane. :)

    Best of luck with it all.

  3. You don't here much about revisions being a sanity saver! Good luck with all that moving you have to do (moving a bunch of things before you even move so you can sell your crazy).

  4. Buying and selling houses can definitely be stressful. Wishing you the best of luck with all of the changes! I hope all goes well with the revisions. :)

  5. If I kept a tighter ship I probably would stress less when moving, but I don't and so it's luck staying sane!