Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekly Goals 28-3-16

Well, I've done it.  My "final" read-through is done.  I made a few little tweaks and fixed one tiny inconsistency and now I'm happy enough with the book to send it to my agent.  So once I've tidied up the Word document (I write in Scrivener), I'll be sending it off.  Probably later on today.


April starts on Friday, and with it, Camp NaNo.  So I will start my new book on Friday and attempt to get 40K in before the end of April.  By then I'll hopefully be far enough into the story that finishing it in May won't be a huge challenge.

Until Friday though, I'm taking it easy.  Watching as much House of Cards as I can before my evenings become devoted to writing 6 days a week (or 5, if I'm really on top of things and can blitz through 2K a night).

What are your goals this week?


  1. Congratulations on finishing up your final revision. Good luck with your new venture for April.

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  3. Congrats on finishing up that "final" read-through!

    So, when one writes in Scrivener, does it mess with the formatting or something after importing (or whatever it is one does) the file to Word? (I recently acquired Scrivener to experiment with it, so I'm curious about others' experiences.)

    1. I've never had trouble with formatting when exporting to Word. It's just things like chapter breaks and page numbers that need tidying up.

  4. How exciting! This is great news. Go take it easy this week, because April is almost here.