Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekly Goals 14-3-16

I just got feedback on My Murder Year from one of my CPs, so it's back to the desk for me.  Luckily I have already thought of a way of solving one of the problems she identified, so now all I need to do is figure out how  to slot the solution into the MS...  Once I've done that tinkering, I'll do a readthrough of the whole book to see if there are places I can drop hints about the new material I'll have added.  Then I'll be done.

I have two weeks before April starts to finish off this book so I can write a new one during Camp NaNo. I had planned to relax, but I think I can still do some of that and get this book finished up and ready to send to my agent.

So that's it for goals for me this week.  What are your plans?


  1. Hooray for solving those problems! I'm at the tail end of my revisions, and I'm struggling mightily to find a solution for one particular problem. My plan this week is to Solve It.

    It's great that you'll be in shape to start a new book during Camp NaNo. I'll sadly be sitting this session out.

    Best of luck with your goals!

  2. Good luck! I hope you get it nice and neat by the time Camp NaNo starts.