Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekly Goals 2-11-15

I am so close to finishing my alternate ending of STUMPED.  I had great plans of finishing it yesterday, but my computer decided to stop working.  Of course that created much panic and hair pulling, but luckily my partner is a whizz at computer fixing and after diagnosing a fried hard-drive (eek!), he managed to get everything back on an external drive.

Unfortunately it took him most of the afternoon and evening, so I couldn't finish what I was working on yesterday.

Fortunately I have a system I can work on until I can get a new hard drive.  So I will finish those chapters tonight and send them off.  Only a day late...

I think my computer dying was the universe's way of telling me I had to take a break to go and see my best friend play a gig last night.  So I did, and it was great!

Once I've sent these two versions of STUMPED to my agent, I have revisions to do on The Sidewalk's Regrets.  They're smaller revisions, but feel more difficult, although I have an idea about how to change the ending so it works.  And then I still have to finish revising My Murder Year.

So no NaNo for me this year.  Which is kind of a shame, because I have an idea for a story I wanted to write during NaNo.  But then I'll have another book to revise and I already have too much revision on my plate.  So this year instead of writing a novel during NaNo, I'm going to revise two.

What are your goals this week?

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  1. Oh no! That's awful! I'm glad everything wasn't lost and you can now keep working, but it's still such a pain. But then you ended up having fun seeing your friend play. There's always a silver lining, right? Good luck with everything.