Sunday, November 29, 2015

Weekly Goals 30-11-15

Having got notes back from one reader, but not the other, I'm making a few small adjustments to my MS before sending it back to my agent.  I should have it done and dusted by tomorrow night, which is the deadline I gave myself.

Once I get this book back off my plate, I can get back to revising the other one.  I'd like to have it finished by the time I go away to the beach on January 2, but I'm not entirely confident I can turn this revision around that fast because it' only a second draft and will require some bigger changes than the ones I've been doing on the older manuscripts I've been working on.

But even if I don't get finished, I can make some good progress.  Once I've finished that, I can write something new - the book I planned to write during NaNo.

Unless of course more revisions come in....

I figured out a genius way to get an extra gym session in during the week, so will see if I can make that work tomorrow night.  If I can go three times a week, I'll feel that much better about myself, especially going into the big eating and drinking season.

What are your goals this week?


  1. It just occurred to me that I didn't set any goals for this week. Well, except a non-specific one to get more exercise. I guess that counts?

    Best of luck with your goals and revisions!

  2. The beach in January. Envious here, though I guess I won't be come June. I hope you enjoy it and have your revisions done in time.