Sunday, September 6, 2015

Weekly Goals 7-9-15

I've had my mini-break now (and no, it doesn't feel long enough, but that's my own fault) so it's time to dive into revisions on My Murder Year.  I haven't even read through the whole MS since I finished it in December, so I think I'll be coming to it with nice, fresh eyes.

I have a number of things I already know I need to do - I'm changing the ethnicity of one character which will change his backstory a little bit.  Also, while I was writing, one of my supporting characters took on a much bigger role than I anticipated and that's going to change a lot of things earlier in the book.

I'm excited to get back into it.  The book I just finished was big on character and the shifting dynamics between them, but light on plot.  This one is much more plot driven and deals with all kinds of things like body image, gay marriage, mental illness and anomalies in the legal system.  I just hope I can carry off all these weighty themes.

I'm not going to kill myself over this revision.  It's likely to involve a lot of rewriting so I'm only aiming to get through 5 or so chapters a week.  Maybe 6 if I'm lucky.  At the moment there are 37 chapters so I figure it will take me 6-7 weeks to get through.  Which is about perfect because my goal is to finish this revision in time for NaNo.

What are your goals this week?

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  1. Breaks are never long enough :). Good luck starting the new revisions. Slow and steady wins the race, right?