Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekly Goals 2-3-15

It's all about revising this week…  Again.

It's the only week this month I don't have something huge on at work, so I'm going to work really hard to make some significant progress on STUMPED.  I've given myself a deadline to get through this revision, and if I'm going to finish by the end of March like I plan to, I need to work hard this week.

I have a plan in mind, so I'm hoping that will help.  Once again though, I feel like this revision is going to add a significant number of words.  Luckily STUMPED is on the shortish side for one of my books…

An Unstill Life is gone.  It feels weird to suddenly no longer be a published novelist.  But hopefully I'll find a new home for my book.  At least I know someone once felt it was good enough to be published. And because I now have an agent and another book on submission, I don't feel as bad about this step backward as I might have otherwise.

What are your goals for this week?


  1. I'm still in drafting mode, but I'm already dreading/looking forward to revisiting revision land again.

    I'm confident that you'll find a new home for An Unstill Life soon.

  2. My battle of the bands last all week, so keeping up with that. Lots of laundry. Must finalize a doll dress design for a client.

  3. My goals for the week -- finish my revisions and then start the outline for my next book. Piece of cake! :)

  4. Good luck with revising. Sometimes it seems like it never ends :). I hope you do find a new publisher.