Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekly Goals 16-3-15

Simple goal this week: to finish my revision of STUMPED.

Can I do it?

Yes.  I think I can.  I have to.

Next week is toast as far as writing goes because I have two big work events and a social event I'd really like to go to.  So I have to finish my revising this week and leave my chapters for my CPs to read.

My only other goal for the week is to get to the gym more than twice.  I've figured out that even if I only go for half an hour after work it's good.  I can use that time to spin the work day out of my head so I'm ready to focus on writing once I've got dinner and kids' bedtime out of the way.  So rather than aiming at an hour a couple of times a week, I'm going to try and make that half hour almost every day.


  1. You have a plan, so that's a good start. Good luck with finishing. I hope there are no major snarls.

  2. Good luck with your revisions and yay for making it to the gym! I need to do that more often.

  3. You can do it! (spoken with a Spanish accent). :)